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Broadening my horizon

20 Jul

After spending a bit of time getting a (basic) understanding on how WordPress works, how to post, tag and categorise postings the time has come to start looking at other sites for ideas and inspiration. I’ve started following a couple of blogs about something close to my heart; beer! And who knows, as my level of proficiency increases I may even end up slowly turning this into some sort of beer blog – more than likely Belgian beer. Watch this space sort of thing.


Now with media

19 Jul Beach Full Size

After uploading the header picture and cropping it to fit the page the full picture has now been added to the site – on a separate page called ‘pictures‘ (how frightfully original). Interestingly, after looking at the two versions of the picture side by side I actually prefer the cropped one.

I think the next thing for me to explore on here is how to add a bit more structure to the site by improving tagging and categorisation of posts and uploads.

Incidentally, the picture was taken by me.

Playing around with the design

19 Jul

Right, looks like I’ve somehow successfully managed to change the appearance of my site … or blog … or whatever it is. Background colour is now different and I have a picture appearing at the top of my page!

The other big change is the front page (‘about’) should now be a static page with new posts appearing on a page simply called ‘posts’. Navigation to and from the pages is possible from the menu at the top of the page.

Expect more changes over the coming days 🙂

My first WordPress post …

18 Jul

… and not entirely surprisingly it’s just about the most pointless post ever!

Taste Belgium

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