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Where’s the weirdest place you’ve done it?

22 Jul

If you were expecting this post to be about sex then you’ll be disappointed, it’s actually about posting on WordPress … believe it or not.

Wireless internet access is everywhere as we become increasingly reliant on ubiquitous connectivity for news, keeping in touch with friends and family, catching the bus, buying train tickets. You get the picture. However one place always used to be ‘out of bounds’ as far mobile telephony and wireless connectivity was concerned; onboard aircraft. But this is slowly starting to change as more and more airlines are starting to offer free onboard WiFi.

In Europe I believe Norwegian Airlines were the first to offer free WiFi across their route network and gradually more airlines have started offering the same on some or all of their routes (complete list via this link). Even though I have now flown on a number of flights whilst happily surfing the internet I still get a bit of a strange buzz from sending pointless e-mails to friends and family letting them know that I am in fact on a plane – and now an even bigger buzz from posting my first ever blog post whilst hooked up to that great wireless network in the sky!



Wing and engine on Norwegian aircraft snapped and posted whilst in the air

Wing and engine on Norwegian aircraft snapped and posted whilst in the air

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